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How to make money on Instagram?


Instagram, which was only a picture sharing app once, has become one of the prime social media applications in less than a decade. Users started growing on this platform, especially after August 2016 when it introduced the “Stories” feature. The accessibility of this app has made it extremely popular among people over the years, particularly among aspiring money-makers! With its ever-increasing user base, Instagram also helps people make money and has evolved into a glossy marketing hub.

How to earn money on Instagram?

Few ways to make money on Instagram:

One can work as an influencer, posting content sponsored by particular brands: The basic requirement to begin as an influencer is to have a good follower count to earn strangers’ trust on the app. This requires one to post consistently about the brands, products, or services and portray it as their personal favourite.

One can be an affiliate marketer by selling other people’s merchandise: This strategy requires one to make more sales as one can only make money when their followers purchase the product. It requires a smart marketing plan in the form of promo codes or discounts. These codes and links to the product are exclusive to the marketer, so the merchant can directly trackback the sales, letting one earn an amount or percentage on every sale.

One can either choose to affiliate directly with a brand or join an ‘affiliate network,’ or do both.

One can become an entrepreneur and sell their own commodities: Another approach for making money on Instagram is by stepping into the area of actual e-commerce. One can either create their business and sell their products on Instagram or make it an additional platform for their existing business marketing. In such a case, their followers would be the audience and prospective buyers of their products. First, one needs to imagine and build their product, followed by making their account shoppable and fulfilling orders.

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Does Instagram pay?

Instagram influencers get paid a certain amount per thousand followers by the firm they are promoting, which differs from brand to brand.

However, it was only recently that Instagram launched two new ways for its users, particularly those with “creator accounts” to earn money; one by advertisements on IGTV and two by badges on Instagram Live. It will divide the revenue, giving at least 55 percent to the creators. It will also give fans the possibility to sponsor their favorite creators and businesses. Instagram Live Video offers a $5 paid “badge” and a small heart-shaped icon next to its name.

How to get paid on Instagram?

Until recently, Instagram was not paying directly; there are some different ways to get paid on Instagram.

1. By focusing on sponsored posts for the brands, you want your audience to reach out to and make them the perfect medium to do so.

2. Affiliate and make money selling products from other brands.

3. By focusing on selling your products, such as physical and digital products and services.

4. By selling photos.

Get paid to post on Instagram:

1. Micro-influencers: Accounts with about 3,000 followers can make about $88 for each post they make.

2. Middle-tier influencers: Users with a follower’s range of 10,000–100,000 can earn about $200 on every post.

3. Top-tier influencers: One with a follower’s range of 10,000 to million can make around $670 per post.

The greater the number of followers on Instagram, the greater is the chance to make money. Instagram often determines participation rates, content quality, identification of names, demographic audience, and skill set. The norm is $ 10 per 1,000 followers, but depending on your contract and sponsor, it can vary.

With an immense number of followers, one can run marketing campaigns and do paid advertisements on Instagram to get paid.

Monetize Instagram:

Instagram is a colossal social media channel, growing at an unprecedented rate with over one billion users as of January 2020. This also provides a conducive time for users to monetize Instagram, using a suitable strategy, considering the global audience.

Basic Requirements to Monetizing Instagram:

  1. Fanbase and Influence: Creating a considerable reach and influencing them to buy the products is the first step.
  2. Dedicated and Engaged Followers: Increase engagement on your account not only by the number of followers you have but by the number of people liking, commenting on, and sharing your posts. An “engaged” community will encourage brands to invest in you to earn their profits.

Steps to monetise Instagram:

b. Have a Catchy Bio: A user attempting to monetize Instagram needs to post wisely and should have a simple, interesting bio.

c. Be Regular: Another step towards monetizing Instagram is to post regularly to engage the followers frequently. A posting routine that matches with the times of the followers can be beneficial.

d. Improve your Content Quality: Improving the content quality is one of the most critical things one needs to do to monetize Instagram. One can do this by using high-quality pictures at all times, never repeating the product pitches, basing captions on the real brand product impressions to come off as authentic and more engaging. Moreover, one can consider exploiting video content to stand out in stories or even on IGTV.

e. Build Relationship with Other Content Creators: Cultivating partnerships with other content producers in the market is an essential part of increasing their presence and impact to help monetize Instagram.

Conclusion: Instagram has evolved from a basic photo-sharing app over the last few years to an influential networking medium used by influencers and corporations of all sizes to meet their target audiences.

Sixty percent of individuals use this website to find new items, 80 percent of them follow at least one brand, 200 million accounts check out a company profile per day, and 66 percent of profile visits are from non-followers, according to Instagram Business.

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